Sunday, 9 January 2011

Still feeling stitchy?

So are we all keeping up with our New Year's intentions to be more crafty?

I certainly am, though to be honest I'd hoped for more time at the machine but I've been so shattered with going back to work!!

This week I've finished my 2nd bee block for November's Fresh Modern Bee 2. If you remember the theme was Pinwheels in Tanya Whelans Dolce.

I hope it's well received as I quite like it! The package with the two completed blocks in will be posted back tomorrow then I have one more block to catch up with and then I'm back on track - yay!!

This week I've also made good progress on my brother's cushions. Huhum, just a bit late! He's away travelling in Peru and the Amazon at the moment so he wouldn't have made use of them anyway. They will be adorning his sofa before he returns I assure you....

I decided to use my Echino Spring/Summer 10 collection and some lovely linen that I bought from Manda over at Treefall design

I was having a real panic a few weeks before Xmas and several ordered linens later I still wasn't happy, thankfully Manda had lots of just the linen I needed and so kindly sold me some of hers! At a fraction of the UK prices I'd paid might I add! 

Manda is going to be selling this lovely linen on a regular basis over the next coming week, so please get in touch with her if you're on the look out for some!!

Here's a shot of the back of the cushion::

I'm really loving this cushion and will show you the others over the next week as they are completed. 'Mr. G' wants to keep them but I have other plans for cushion designs for our sofa!

Must dash as school uniforms to iron, blah. Big weigh in tomorrow night at Slimming World, think I'll need all the luck you can wish me as I got my period this week and we all know what that means!!!!!!!

Speak Soon xx


  1. I love it - especially the double frame of the pinwheel.
    The cushions look great too - how do you find sewing with linen. I haven't tried it yet but will have to for this months Bee Blocks. Good luck tomorrow - my first weigh in is tomorrow too. Fingers crossed!

  2. Your cushion is fantastic, I think you'll have a happy brother. I'm off to pester Manda for some linen now! Juliex

  3. I love the pinwheels, and your fabric choices are so nice. I just found your site through the Texas Freckles' hexagon group, and I look forward to watching your progress in the new year. :-)


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