Saturday, 15 January 2011

Catching Up!

Had a bit of a busy week this week and to be honest next week is worse as I'm working lots. (Boo Hiss!) So advance apologies if I am a little quiet, though secretly you may of course cheer!!!

I had hoped to achieve a few things this past week, mainly to finish up the block I showed in my last post, make my brother another cushion and to start the quilt that I had cut the fabric for last week. Here's how I faired::

Great on the quilt front! I've pieced all the squares that make up the main body of the front, I just need to sew the rows together now which will be done this week!

And thats about it!! Seriously, no cushion for my brother (oops!) but the block is nearly finished and I'll be able to show that in my next post!

This week I received this lovely lot in the post from Simply Solids

A Kona colour card and some great solids that are to coordinate with the Amy Butler 'Love' line which I am using for my month (Feb) in the Fresh Modern Bee 2 I will of course post pictures about the little packages I send out to my fellow bees soon.

Today the four of us had a little jaunt out to the Trafford Centre in Manchester. It only takes about 30mins in the car and I wanted to go get some home decor inspiration!! To be honest 'Mr. G' and I had forgotten how great the homes sections were here and could have spent all day 'ooohing and aaghhing' but with the kids in tow it was quite stressful!!

We did however strike gold in Selfridges with this beauty coffee maker::

Its a Lavazza A Moda Mio and I am in love! Enough said. 'Master M' also thought he'd won the lottery when he spied these:: 

He was so excited that he ate them in the car on the way home! He discovered the joy of the Lucky charm when we were in the USA last year!!


  1. I'm with your Master M on the Lucky Charms! He's got great taste! =)

    Love your Kona solids too. I hope you have a good week - that it's really productive, in all the busy-ness. =)

  2. At least you finished one job! Love the coffee maker :)x

  3. Lol! I only read that the piccie was sideways after trying to 'understand' what I was looking at - how daft I felt!! Lucky Charms - my nephew and neice are crazy about them! Why???!!

  4. Your quilt looks like it's coming on really well, can't wait to see it.
    As for the coffee machine, ooh I'm jealous I can almost smell the coffee!

  5. I am suitably jealous of your coffee machine, you lucky lady. I have to keep the kids away from any kind of cereal other than cornflakes as they eat the lot in one sitting (they practically hyperventilate with excitement at the site of coco pops) but I reckon a few Lucky Charms wouldn't hurt! M is such a cutie. Bethx


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