Friday, 21 January 2011


This week I have finished this::

A few of you guessed correctly when I showed this block last week minus the embroidery! Yep, its Little Miss Shabby's Birdie Block of the Month.It's a really cute block and was a breeze to make, can't wait to see what birdie is doing next month!

I've also made good progress on this::

This quilt top is practically pieced, I just need to add borders and it will be finished ready for basting by Sunday evening. Yay! This little beauty is heading my nephews way and will only be my 2nd ever quilt and my 1st of 2011.

Over the past few weeks I've not only been using my stash for projects (about time!) but I've also made yummy fabric purchases too (oops!) As I've only been sewing for around a year I think it would be unrealistic of me to pledge to use only my stash for makes. Frankly I'd fail. Fabric is my thing and as I don't like failing, I'm not promising!!!

Here are photo's of my recent yumminess::

This is my newest fabric bought from Seamstar just this week. I'm thinking 'Mr.G' would like a pouch for his iPad from it. I love it!

I decided just before Christmas that I 'needed' to get my mitts on Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks collection before it is no more. I'd seen a WIP (which must remain secret unfortunately) and it totally inspired me! I've always liked the 'Good Folks' collection, it was one of the reasons I began sewing, I used it to make 'Little Miss H's' and my neice's wedding outfits from if you remember? So I've got all but 2 of the prints in the collection and will be turning it into a quilt. Soon! I sourced Good Folks here, here and here.

I also got some of the whole of Lizzy House's Castle Peeps collection! This is only half of what I ordered, the rest is still in transit! Again this is for a specific quilt that I already have the pattern for. I got this little lot from Kerri's great little shop, if you don't already know of this etsy shop I urge you to try it out, I've had lots of great bundles and the service is exceptional!

Also from Etsy, I got this:: 

The seller of this little beauty is Christina whom I came across via this post on Angela's lovely blog 'Fussy Cuts'. I'm going to use it to make a cushion for the living room.

And these::

How cute are these little hearts?? I love them! 'Master M' and I are going to make them into a couple of cute garlands to decorate shelf edges with for Valentines. Get yours here.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Wow! What an acheivement! The block is fabulous!Your new fabrics are gorgeous - looking forward to seeing what you do with them!

  2. Blimey, you have been a busy bee. Love your Birdie Block and new fabric is a must, I'm with you on needing to sue more of my existing stash but I could never stop buying new, I'd get rather bored I think plus it's nice to re-discover old patters after a break from them. Bethx

  3. Love these fabrics!Its like fabric heaven to a sewer. I have a dream to make a quilt one day!(small steps) Great to follow your progress. B x

  4. You are doing so well with your makes. i'm hanging my head in shame! Somewhat envious of your AMH and Castle Peeps - both so lovely. Can't wait to see what you make next! Juliex

  5. ooh you finished the birdie block! looks fab mrs xxx


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