Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sewing Sweatshop!

Today I've had a lovely day. 

I feel lucky that I live quite near fellow quilter and blogger extrodinaire Katy, it means we can meet up and sew/drink coffee/surf blogs together on what's becoming a pretty regular basis.

Today we did just that.

I wanted to get my nephews quilt basted and quilted and as my walking foot hasn't arrived yet and I'm a tad nervous about the actual quilting bit (for fear of ruining the quilt!) I popped over to Katy's for some expert advice and to hog her sewing machine!

Here's said quilt having been basted with a huge kitty kat trying it out for size!
I managed to get it quilted too, under close supervision of course::

And here's a shot of Katy sewing miles and miles and miles of binding, you know just in case she needs some!

Another shot of my quilt being wiggly line quilted::

And to add to this lovely day, guess what the postie had delivered when I got home?? No? Not one but two lovely parcels::

This cute little coin purse which was stuffed full with the fabby scraps shown are my winnings from the lovely Cara! I entered a giveaway on her blog and I won!! YAY!! It's so cute, thanks Cara! 

The second parcel was my much awaited gorgeous calendar from Sarah Jane Studios. I'd been hunting around for what seemed forever for the right calendar and when I came across Sarah Jane on Etsy I was sold! If you're still looking for the perfect calendar snap one up now as they've got 50% off! The calendar is so beautifully illustrated and is perfect for my sewing area. I'm planning on showing each months illustration as the year unfolds.

Finally a little spring cheer is in the air::

I just had to have these beauties when I spotted them on a recent trip to Ikea!


  1. Oh I would love to get together with you two and sew a little (and talk a lot)! And quilts with Kitty approval are the best. :)

  2. love the quilt! well done it looks fab x

  3. I would so love to have a sewing buddy near by! That looks like so much fun, sitting down and sewing,chatting with a like minded person.
    Love your quilt so far, the colours are very pretty.

  4. Yeah! So glad they made it. And how have I not found your blog? It's fab!

  5. Fabulous quilt! Great wins! Happy spring!

  6. Oh I am so envious. I am a lurker on her blog, I long to make a quilt, but an so unsure of how to make sure it all lines up etc! I need an idiots guide. I think you should do one for me, a guide that is!

  7. How great to be able to sew with another blogger! Love the two machines facing each other on the table!


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