Tuesday, 11 January 2011

More Echino......

I'm on a roll! Did you guess? 

I managed to have a really productive day yesterday and made another Echino cushion for my brother::

And here's the back::

 I also did lots of prepararation for what will be the first quilt of 2011! I've had the fabric and pattern a while and was hoping to make it up for my nephew as part of his Christmas present but I really wasn't in the mood after I'd had the miscarriage. He got the lego he wanted instead and I'll deliver the quilt to his mummy when it's finished! I've got one for my niece to do as well.....

I also made this little block up. Can you guess what it is, there is something missing that I will reveal later in the week!

I couldn't decide which fabric to make my pieced border from so I decided to go with the red scrap pack that I bought from Manda at Treefall Design. I'll have to get a couple more I think to finish the project!

For the rest of the week I plan to complete the above block, make another Echino cushion and make a start on the prepped quilt. That's all.

Finally, it was my big weigh in last night at Slimming world and I lost 3lb. Woo Hoo!!


  1. Fab cushion it's lovely! And wonderful weight loss this week, well done.
    Kandi x

  2. Is it a window frame - not sure what you'll have inside tho'?? I'm all intrigued now! Juliex

  3. oh its the little miss shabby B.O.M ( i think) im doing that too, cant wait to see yours, and love the cushion

  4. Gorgeous cushions. Love that fabric. x

  5. Love the cushions Justine. I've just made this http://judiknitsandsews.blogspot.com/2011/01/girlie-pink.html cushion for my friends little girl and her son said why don't they do boy cushions? Well they do, I'm ordering from Seamstar right now!

  6. Blimey Justine, you have been busy. Love the Echino cushions, I have a crush on Echino Linen. Oh and well done on the 3lbs! Excellent way to go, need to get my act into gear and get back to running/on the bike, just being a bit lazy at the mo. Bethx

  7. I like the design of the cushion at the back. Your quilt looks great so far, will look forward to seeing your progress. Beautiful!

  8. Those cushions are so fab - do you have a pattern you use or do you just know how to make them?!
    Congrats on the weight loss - its great to get off to a good start (I lost 3.5 this week so am really pleased). Good luck for tomorrow.


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