Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Pay It Forward

After the sadness of yesterday I've decided to spread a little cheer by taking part in 'Pay It Forward'.

I have seen this idea on a couple of blogs over the last few weeks but when I saw that the lovely Lynda of Hookin with Laalaa had decided to start her own chain of kindness I wanted to join in too!!

Lynda had stated that the 1st three people to comment on her post would be the recipients of a lovely handmade gift that she would forward to them in the next 365 days. The only stipulation being that they themselves have to 'Pay It Forward' and carry on the chain of kindness to a further 3 people.

I was actually the 4th person to comment but luckily Lynda decided to up her numbers to 4 so I could participate!! Very kind indeed.

So here is my 'Pay It Forward' - If you'd like to spread some kindness and are willing to post the idea on your blog in order to find a further 3 recipients then please leave me a comment on this post.

The 1st 3 friends that comment will receive a handmade gift from myself before the end of October 2010. If you're in the 1st 3 comments (maybe more) I'll be in touch soon!!

Added @ 8pm:: come on bloggy friends I need at least one more person to take this up before we're good to go - some of the comments on the bottom are about other stuff so don't let the fact that there are 5 comments put you off!!


  1. That is a lovely idea, I think I might do that..x

  2. Oh, what a great idea. I will do the same and send a gift to the first 3 people who comment on my blog post (which I will write later today). I can't wait to receive your gift. yay. and will get cracking on my three gifts as soon as I can. This isn't only 'community building' it is fun at the same time. Oh I love making gifts for people. Hurrah.

  3. oh that's how you do it! I had made the promise but wasn't sure how to get the random recipients - will have to do a post! thanks.

  4. Hi Justine, what a lovely idea! Good luck! Danielle x

  5. @Danielle

    Thanks Danielle I thought it was fab too! Now are you in? Justine xx

  6. Hooray I have my 3 are Emma of Em's Shabby Shack, Nadine of Quilted Bliss and Danielle of Petits Elefants. If you haven't already done so you need to do your own posts on Pay It Forward and wait for my handmade gift to appear - it will be after my holidays - Don't want you sat waiting for the postman til then!!


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